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  • Going through depression, most people forget to take care of themselves, and that includes their hair in particular. Having tangled matted hair is such a hindrance to work and life. You have to always to cover your hair and walk out praying that no one sees below the scarf. Matted hair is prevalent, and most women prefer to have this hair on under their wigs or as protection from breakage. But over time, tangled hair can cause stress and the longer it stays, the harder it is to detangle, and that is sad. But, did you know that detangling matted hair can help decrease depression? Here are a few reasons how.


    1.    Lose time: Depression is only a matter of time, and so this, the process of detangling tangled, matted hair will help you help because healing happens over time. All the hours and days spent in this exercise is therapeutic for all going through depression.

    2.    Lost in thoughts and forget: Detangling matted hair alone is work! Now being depressed makes it extra work. But you will be surprised how fast you stop worrying about the hair and your troubles and wander into your thoughts. The mind is like a spinning wheel and each time it spins; different things come forward to your head. So you can sit down detangling your hair, and in that time you can think about all the million and one things you want to and how you can do it.

    3.    Creates a bond with the helper: There is an article that was released some time ago about a Tangled Hair Tech hairdresser who through detangling helped someone come out of depression. It took her over 2 days and ten hours to detangle and loosen that matted hair, and the beautiful thing is that it created a strong bond between the client and the hairdresser. The ones who help you through hard and rough times are always the ones to call family. While detangling your hair, having someone to do it with,  as well as positive communication will help in decreasing the depression and promote a bond. When you are safe with someone especially going through that phase, it is easier and can decrease it drastically.

    4.    Loosen your hair and loosen your mind: In all honesty, as you loosen your hair, you detangle your mind. A depressed person may have so many issues clogging up their brain and life and detangling something as difficult as matted; tangled hair can help too. Did you know that the mind is like a web of hair strands knotted together? So literally you can detangle your hair and your mind too.

    5.    Start feeling alive and worthy: As you detangle your hair, the process makes you feel alive and worthy of yourself. You are open to the chance that you can make something so hard seem easy and beautiful. You begin to gain control of your emotions as something that can be understood and tamed. This feeling can drastically help reduce depression.

    Always remember that  ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD....Luke 1:37.  Only believe and Jesus 

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